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Active Travel

Active travel aims to transport you from point A to point B without using fossil fuels. Active travel not only benefits your health and well-being, but it also helps you save money and reduces your carbon footprint.

The sustainable travel hierarchy is a good tool for thinking about how to reduce the environmental impact of your trips. The higher up the ladder you go, the more environmentally friendly and sustainable the travel option becomes. Walking, where you are the only resource necessary, is the most sustainable alternative, followed by cycling, which requires some equipment. These approaches, along with wheeling (the term for wheelchair users), are classified as active travel.


Walking or wheeling are excellent modes of transportation that are also the most accessible – walking is free, while wheeling allows more people to enjoy the benefits of active travel.

Bicycle riding

If you are traveling long distances, you may prefer to cycle rather than walk. There is no limit to how far your bike can take you because there are many dedicated cycling routes in most towns and cities.

If you’re seeking to buy a bike or a cargo cycle, search for community groups in your region that sell refurbished bikes to reduce your carbon footprint even more.

Go Electric with Ebikes

Why not go electric if you need some help with your cycling? eBikes and eCargo bikes contain an electric motor and battery to assist you in covering longer distances more quickly than you could on a traditional bicycle. eBikes and eCargo bikes have been increasingly popular in recent years, and you may have seen them in your neighborhood without realizing the difference.

What Do You Do for Longer Journeys?

There are times when active travel isn’t an option, such as when you’re traveling a long distance or carrying a heavy burden. Why not use a combination of active travel and shared transportation for these journeys? You can make an adventure out of it, especially when you are traveling with other individuals with the same love for active travel.

Moreover, by combining active travel and shared transportation, you will significantly save money compared to how much fuel you will be spending otherwise.

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