Our Story

t2c.org.uk was founded with the sole purpose of doing something about the climate emergency that is on our hands.

Working closely with an increasing number of corporate and government partners that share our ambition, we have been promoting energy efficiency for a cleaner and healthier planet. Together, we are finding new ways for delivering the benefits of energy-saving:

  • Advocating for lower fuel bills to reduce fuel poverty
  • Cleaner and healthier homes
  • Promoting the growth of industries that use renewable energy

We are passionate about making change happen, and this is a challenge that we are determined to rise to.

Our Vision

A reputable advocate of energy efficiency and clean energy solutions, we are laser-focused on getting a smart, decarbonized energy system. There is no denying that this is an enormous challenge that calls for innovation and change on many levels.

  • We empower millions of households to make conscious energy choices.
  • We work with governments to provide transformative energy programs.
  • We empower businesses to be part of the positive change by providing them with energy efficiency strategies and research, communications, and assurance.

Our Values

We are experts, recognized as an authority that has embraced the challenge of energy-saving, and are now driving change. We are always fully prepared, thanks to our expertise, professionalism, and impartiality. As a result, we have earned a reputation for being ready to do the right thing.

We collaborate, always ready to share our knowledge and expertise with anyone working towards energy efficiency. We build open and honest relationships with communities and governments because we believe in the power of teamwork when it comes to delivering change. Our belief is that teamwork makes the dream work, and we are positive about the change we can achieve working with others.

We are impartial, striving to stay free from any form of bias. We are prepared to make the right decision even when this means taking the more difficult path. Virtues of honesty and trustworthiness guide our decisions.

We are innovative, open to small and big changes so that we can keep up with changing times and constantly redefine the standard of our excellence. We welcome all changes that can help us improve our internal and external operations to achieve our goals.

We are supportive, seeking to include everyone in the change movement. We believe that this should be a transition for all, and we help individuals, businesses, and communities to work their way to net zero.

We are determined, driven by a fierce passion for the work we do. Our entire team understands that we can make a difference in the future of our planet. And while we appreciate the magnitude of the challenge before us, we are undeterred.