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Energy Efficient Boilers

Over half of what you spend on your energy bills goes to heating and hot water.

You can make a huge difference with an efficient boiler. Modern boilers are more efficient than older boilers in numerous ways. The main difference is that modern boilers are condensing. This means that these boilers recover more heat from the exhaust gas and use it to heat your central heating water.

Things to Consider When Changing Your Boiler

There is no doubt that it is time for all of us to change to low or zero carbon emission boilers. In fact, heating systems that are powered by fossil fuels are likely to be phased over time.

When you decide to switch to a more efficient boiler, you need to take the time to determine which heating system is right for you. You should consider several factors before deciding which heating system is right for you.

1. Fuel Type

Gas is the cheapest heating fuel, compared to others like electricity, oil, and LPG. Suppose you have a connection to a mains gas. In that case, you should consider buying a modern, condensing gas boiler for heating and hot water.

2. Boiler Type

Gas and oil boilers are either systems or combi boilers. System boilers have a hot water cylinder for storing hot water, while combi boilers don’t require a hot water cylinder because they heat water on demand.

While a system boiler is more efficient at producing hot water, a combi boiler is more efficient overall because the system boiler still loses heat from the hot water cylinder.

Basically, choosing the right boiler depends on:

  • Your home water usage- If yours is a large family that uses a lot of water, you should go for the system boiler. On the other hand, smaller families are better off with a combi boiler because they use less water.
  • Available space- Combi boilers require less space because they don’t need hot water cylinders.
  • Compatibility with solar heating- If you plan to install solar panels, you should know that solar water heating works best with system boilers.

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