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Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Appliances

Making your kitchen more energy efficient is more than just replacing your appliances with better-performing ones. If anything, it is obvious that this would be an unaffordable move for most households.

The chances are that there is still plenty of life left in your kitchen appliances. It is possible to get the best out of your existing kitchen appliances while ensuring that any new ones you bring are made to be more energy efficient.

Sometimes, being more energy efficient could mean not using some appliances at all. For example, you can dry your clothes naturally instead of using a dryer if you have space.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your kitchen appliances:

1. Cut Down Your Dishwasher Cycles

You can be energy efficient in your kitchen by cutting one or two dishwasher cycles. This can be achieved by making sure that the dishwasher is full before turning it on. Cutting your washing machine cycles using the same principle will lead to even more energy savings.

2. Pick the Right Appliances

Choosing the right appliance for doing a job in your kitchen is another way to make your kitchen more energy efficient. For example, cooking with the microwave is more efficient than using an oven.

Today, kitchen appliances come with more functions than they used to. Most ovens now have a pyrolytic cleaning option that burns off grease at high temperatures. Although this option has its own advantages, it increases both your running costs and emissions. If you can, why not avoid this option and go with the traditional elbow grease style.

In your next appliance shopping, pick multifunctional kitchen appliances. If you already have those, take advantage of their different features.

3. Avoid Overloading Your Freezer

To get the most out of your fridge and freezer, avoid overloading and make sure food is cold before it goes in there. It is also important to check that your fridge is doing its job at the minimum cost. Ensure that the door seal is intact by closing it on a banknote or just a piece of paper.

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