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How Home Analytics Can Find a Home For Your Energy Efficient Products

Every home might benefit from an energy efficiency renovation, whether it’s adding more insulation to the roof, purchasing a high-efficiency appliance, or reducing draughts.

However, many homeowners and renters wait until it’s too late to act, enduring droughts, inefficient appliances, and excessive energy bills for years before even considering making a change.

Being proactive with your energy-efficient products can benefit your potential clients by assisting them in saving energy and the environment and local governments.

Our Product Verification service can verify fuel bill savings, carbon emission reductions, and energy effectiveness. It only takes a quick look online to see the numerous benefits of purchasing energy-efficient products. Still, if you want more credibility and verified energy-saving facts to shout about, our Product Verification service can help.

Are you looking to increase your incoming customers?

There are a variety of home energy-efficient products that can help keep a home’s heat in better shape. On the Energy Saving Trust Register, we highlight verified and authorized items, which helps potential customers limit down their options.

You should also register with Trustmark, the government-backed quality and consumer protection registry, if applicable.

How to increase your potential customer base

If you want to locate households or larger regions that can benefit from your product, learning about the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is a wonderful place to start. Suppose you can link your product to a specific home energy characteristic that can be addressed. In that case, it can be even more beneficial.

Research and analysis

You may take it a step further and use energy modeling to see how your product could increase the EPC rating and Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) score for your home.

The Energy Saving Trust’s team of researchers, modelers, and data analysts can create custom data and information to support your projects and products, as well as analyze consumer attitudes to uncover new market opportunities.

In addition to this, you should make sure your energy labels are up to date with the new standard, which is set to take effect in March 2021. Consumers are getting more choosy when choosing which things to bring into their homes as the lifespan of energy-efficient devices extends into the decades.

The benefits of energy-efficient installations and appliances can be highlighted by having a trusted voice that has confirmed your product.

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