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Generating Renewable Electricity: Biomass

Biomass is a renewable source that is generated by burning organic matter such as wood, plants, manure, and household waste.

When organic matter is burned, carbon dioxide is produced in considerably low amounts compared to fossil fuels.

Biomass heating systems burn chips, logs, or wood pellets to warm a single room or power a central heating and water boiler. To heat a room, you use a stove to burn pellets or logs. To power a central heating system, you use a boiler to burn chips, logs, or pellets and connect it to the heating system.

Benefits of Biomass heating

  1. Biomass heating is cheaper than most of the other heating options.
  2. Biomass heating is a low-carbon heating option.

Biomass Costs

The cost of biomass heating mostly depends on whether you use logs, pellets, or chips. Logs are cheaper than pellets, but the exact prices will depend on your local wood supplier. Logs are expensive to transport, and you can save money if you have room to store unseasoned logs and let them season for maybe a year.

Savings with Biomass

Biomass heating significantly saves carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, financial savings are more variable because this will depend on your current type of system. But you will find that biomass is an efficient and affordable source of energy in most instances. Some countries even offer incentives in the form of financial support to those who produce energy from biomass.

Biomass Maintenance

You should keep biomass boilers and stoves clean. It is essential to sweep them occasionally to remove ash. You can do this weekly or once a day, depending on the frequency of using your biomass boiler or stove. For a log fire, you have to remove ash after every use.

Some biomass appliances have self-cleaning systems for ash removal. For these appliances, all you need is an annual maintenance check. However, if you have a wood-burning boiler or stove, you must regularly sweep the chimney and flue pipe.  

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