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Heat Pump or Solar Pool Heating – The Pros and Cons

Heat pumps and solar pool heaters are both considered energy-efficient pool heating options. This article will discuss the pros and cons of heat pumps and solar pool heating systems.

Pros of Solar Pool Heating

Low Operating Costs

A solar pool heating system uses renewable energy to run. The operation cost is extremely pocket-friendly. The weekly operating cost of a solar pool heating system falls within the range of $5-$20. Of course, the price varies on the specific solar pool heater you’re using, energy bills, and their durability.

They Incur Lesser Upfront Costs than Heat Pumps

In the aspect of affordability, solar pool heating systems come out on top. However, the price tag is in the two-thousand dollar region (a solar pool heating system for the average pool size of 8 by 4m will cost you about $2500). Of course, there’s also the cost of installing the system, which will take $1,300 from your pocket.

So, the average upfront cost for the solar pool heating system is about $3,800. The amount on its own seems expensive, but compared to the cost of purchasing and installing heat pumps, it’s affordable.

Cons of Solar Pool Heating

The Size of the System

Solar pool heating systems are typically large. Therefore, this system has to at least 80% of the pool size for this system to work efficiently.

Functionality Heavily Depends on the Weather

Solar pool heating systems’ functionality is extremely limited to sunny weather and daytime. This system is virtually useless at night or when the weather is cloudy.

Less Durable than Heat Pumps

The expected lifespan of solar pool heating systems hardly exceeds 15 years.

Heavy Maintenance Required

Due to its exposure to weather elements, repairs and maintenance of the system will be common.

Pros of Heat Pump Pool Heating

Functionality Is Not Heavily Dependent on the Weather

Unlike solar pool heating systems, heat pumps can also function at night and in any weather condition. All the system needs from the weather is at least 7 degrees in atmospheric temperature since it uses warmth from the air to heat the pool.

They Are Energy Saving

They are very efficient in energy usage because they use air warmth to heat the pool. Heat pumps can produce 5 kilowatts of heat energy from 1-kilowatt energy. They are even more efficient with energy when used with a pool blanket to lessen the loss of heat energy.

Works Faster than Solar Pool Heating Systems

While a solar pool heating system could take a few weeks to heat the pool to about 28 degrees, heat pumps will take a few days.

They are More Durable

They last longer than solar pool heating systems. On average, they are expected to last up to 20 years.

Cons of Heat Pumps

Upfront Cost Is Higher than that of Solar Pool Heating Systems

The cost of purchasing a heat pump for the standard pool size (8m X 4m) falls within the range of $4,500-$6000.

Higher Operating Costs

Heat pumps use electricity. The running costs of a heat pump can amount to $500 annually, which is relatively higher than the cost of running a solar pool heating system.

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